Les Indisciplinés de Toronto are a French-language community theatre group.

The group was created in 2009 and has since produced a number of shows seen by enthusiastic audiences.

The mission of Les Indisciplinés de Toronto is to provide local amateurs the opportunity to participate in a theatre production. Be it on stage or off, the group welcomes anyone interested in French-language theatre regardless of their previous training. Dozens of volunteers have been part of these shows and some have gone on stage for the very first time!

Theatre being the wonderful experience that it is, we welcome anyone interested in French-language culture to come and see our shows. Our activities are conducted in French but our plays can be enjoyed with just a minimal knowledge of the language.

English Surtitles

We have been providing surtitles in English during our  production of Cuisine et dépendances. Providing surtitles requires a lot of resources. If we are able to do it, you can be sure it will be announced in all our promotional materials. When we are unable to do it, we always provide an English synopsis of the play to help our English-speaking patrons follow along.

By sending your name and email here, you will receive news on our up-and-coming productions and all our activities.


We hope to see you out there in the community!